Validat确保您的数据遵守大众标准01059第6部分对应的数据质量。您的CATIA V5-6文档将根据一些公司特定标准进行检查,以确保遵守本规范。Validat可以对CATIA模型进行结构分析,并且VALIDAT修复功能可用。用于简化链路分析(不含PX1/VX1)的功能,Validat成为标准测试方法。当检查程序按照VDA建议4955/4对创建的CAD数据执行控制时,根据唯一标准和VALIDAT对更改数据的质量进行评估。因此,可以根据定义的检查标准确定CAD元件和元件连接的质量。根据检查要求,可以设置和保存公差值。检查结果的图形表示可以快速、有针对性地搜索不同的区域和元素。


Validat确保您的数据遵守大众标准01059第6部分对应的数据质量。您的CATIA V5-6文档将根据一些公司特定标准进行检查,以确保遵守本规范。Validat可以对CATIA模型进行结构分析,并且VALIDAT修复功能可用。用于简化链路分析(不含PX1/VX1)的功能,Validat成为标准测试方法。当检查程序按照VDA建议4955/4对创建的CAD数据执行控制时,根据唯一标准和VALIDAT对更改数据的质量进行评估。因此,可以根据定义的检查标准确定CAD元件和元件连接的质量。根据检查要求,可以设置和保存公差值。检查结果的图形表示可以快速、有针对性地搜索不同的区域和元素。


Validat是CATIA V5中的一个应用程序,可确保CATIA V5数据得到正式验证(组织数据质量)和几何(拓扑)正确。因此,Validat将在CATIA V5中执行由用户在CATIA V4中执行的任务GII应用程序ENDCHK和Validat的组合。


 CATProduct

 CATPart

 CATDrawing

Validat旨在检查是否符合CATIA的正式和几何设计指南模型,以便在早期阶段检测和消除质量缺陷。生成的CAD数据如下所示:根据VDA建议4955/4.1检查这些标准。关于结构和标准的指定,本VDA建议4955/4与SASIG提供的关于产品数据质量的全球有效指南(2005年9月第2.1期)相同。参数集可用于集成公司特定的规范。例如在大众汽车集团,有必要根据以下要求对零件模型(TM)和零件图纸(TZ)进行此类检查:在将CATIA模型存储在大众汽车的内部之前,应遵守标准VW 01059第6部分组模型在储存前必须在本测试中被评定为合格。用户是为该检查提供适当的标准检查配置文件;这些配置文件提供了合适的标准选择,可使用Validat进行检查,并符合VDA建议4955/4.1和它们还为标准设置了正确的参数值。为了减少处理模型所需的时间,并防止查询和投诉,CATIA数据的每位作者都应该在设计期间使用VALIDAT进行定期检查。

In the automotive and supplier industry, CAD data are generated and processed in different CAD systems and in formats and structures that are not always compatible. The data flow in the process chains (internal and external data exchange) can be impeded in some cases in spite of standardised interface formats (VDAFS, IGES, STEP). Differences in the way data are generated and structured at different companies, in the range of elements, and in the internal display in CAD systems, and the fact that authors and recipients of data have different tasks, mean that a lot of cost and effort are required to process CAD data at downstream departments before they can be used; in extreme cases, such data cannot be used at all.

This also applies to CAD data in the process chain that are transferred within a single CAD system in the companys format. This is because different processing steps in the process chain can apply different quality requirements for these data.

VALIDAT is an application in CATIA V5 that ensures that CATIA V5 data are formally (organisational data quality) and geometrically (topology) correct.

VALIDAT therefore performs tasks in CATIA V5 that were performed in CATIA V4 by a combination of the GII applications ENDCHK and VALIDAT.

The following file types can be checked:




VALIDAT is designed to check compliance with the formal and geometric design guidelines for CATIA models in order to detect and remove defects in quality at an early stage. The generated CAD data are checked for these criteria according to VDA recommendation 4955/4. 1. In regard to the structure and designation of criteria, this VDA recommendation 4955/4 is identical to the globally valid guideline pro- vided by SASIG on product data quality (issue 2.1 from September 2005).

Parameter sets can be used to integrate company-specific specifications. In the Volkswagen Group, for example, it is necessary to perform such a check for part models (TM) and part drawings (TZ) according

to standard VW 01059, part 6, before a CATIA model can be stored in the  of the Volkswagen Group.Models have to be rated OK in this test before being stored. The user is provided with appropriate standard check profiles for this check; these profiles provide a suitable selec- tion of criteria that can be checked using VALIDAT and that match VDA recommendation 4955/4. 1 and they also set the correct parameter values for the standard.

In order to reduce the time it takes to process models, and in order to prevent queries and complaints, every author of CATIA data should use VALIDAT to perform regular checks during the design period.